All About Contacts and the Reasons to Try them out!

Contacts are such a fun accessory to try! They are an especially great blessing for those of us who have weak eyesight. Who wants gigantic frames on the face and lines at the edge of the vision? I doubt any one will be able to happily raise their hand and say yes to this particular thing!

Since contact lenses have been created, they have had an almost life changing effect on anyone with weak eye sights, and for those of us who like changing it up. With facilities such as the option to purchase in wholesale color contact lenses nonprescription, things have become even easier!

All you need to know!

The Types of Contacts

The advantage of having so many different kinds of contacts is that there is something for everyone. Here are some of the more popular types of contacts:

  • Disposable soft contact lenses were one of the early formulations of contacts. These are soft and thin, and designed to be worn for a period of one day to one month, depending on the materials used for making them.
  • Daily wear contacts are of two major types; disposable and reusable. If they are the disposable kind, as the name suggests they should be disposed of once used. The reusable kind can be used again for the prescribed number of times only. These lenses are designed to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time for instance: they can be comfortably used for even up to 18 hours!
  • Another kind of lenses are extended wear contacts.The major difference between daily wear and extended wear contacts is that with extended wear contacts, you can go on wearing them for hours in a stretch, which cannot be done with the daily wear kind.

Going by the color, contact lenses are either transparent or colored. Transparent lenses are of course worn for vision correction, while colored can be used for both vision correction as well as cosmetic purposes.

Colored contacts too come in varieties such as opaque contacts which have a solid layer of color, enhancers which have a medium tint of color which is intended to enhance or alter a person’s natural eye color and lastly tinted lenses which have the slightest hint of color.

Maintaining Contacts

Using contacts, while it is easy and convenient, requires a strong sense of responsibility. The eye is an incredibly important and sensitive organ and the fact that you are putting something inside your eye for whatever period of time, requires that appropriate precautions be taken.

  • Prior to going about getting contacts, do consult your doctor and get a thorough eye exam done. For vision contacts a prescription is necessary.
  • Always ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly before you handle your contacts, whether putting them on or taking them off.
  • Change the solution in contact storage box every time the contacts are used.
  • Remember to disinfect and clean the lenses regularly. For this purpose, use a solution that contains a disinfectant rather than just a saline solution, and follow the rubbing method from time to time even if the solution mentions that rubbing is not required.
  • Contact lenses must always be used only for the prescribed amount of time. Never attempt to use contacts for more time than they were intended to be used for as this may harm your eyes.

Why should you try them out?

There are so many reasons to try out contacts, especially more so for those who wear glasses. First of all, attempting to play any sports at all with glasses on is a constant wait for your glasses to shatter, and getting good frames is pretty expensive business.

As opposed to this, you can always opt for wholesale color contact lenses nonprescription and play a ton of sports and have the peace of mind of knowing you are getting value for money!

Another issue with wearing glasses is the mere presence of them on your face, even glasses without rims do have this line in the periphery of your vision that can be quite a nuisance. Further, if you do wear glasses without rims, they are ever so delicate and need to be handled gently.

For those of us who don’t have weak vision, the mere fact that you can easily change the color of your eyes in accordance with the occasion or your mood, is reason enough to go ahead and try them out. When used with proper care, lenses are pretty safe. Besides the sheer number of interesting colors available in contact lenses now will tempt just about anyone!

Contact lenses can also make occasions such as Halloween a lot more fun, and a lot more realistic! When your entire personality including the color of your eyes matches the personality you are looking to emulate, well, now that’s amazing!