Top Tips to getting the Perfect Boy Band Look  

Boy Bands have certainly come and go over the years, from The Beatles, Take That, to the modern day Boy Bands such as One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. Even though music styles and clothing choices have greatly changed over the years, there is one common theme – Girls love Boybands. Looking back to the days of Beatlemania, the Beatles’ shows were not short of screaming girls eager to get their attention. So what are the factors to a Perfect Boy Band Look?

Stylish hair

If you are keen to become a Boy Band member in the 2020’s you will need stylish hair – this shows you are with the modern time, and this is ultimately a key factor to what type of Boy Band you want to be. Having your own slightly unique hair style will set you apart from your other Boy Band members, allowing you to stand out more.

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Sleek Clothing

This also depends on what type of Boy Band you are, if you are interested in being in an Indie group, you might want to settle for cool and casual clothing such as Farah Shirts from online stores such as, also complimented with a stylish pair of jeans and fancy trainers too. If you strive to be in a rock metal band, you might want to go for more grunge clothing such as ripped jeans, and a black tee.

Your personal image

Your image is what sets you apart from others, are you the member that wears a bit of guy liner? Maybe you’re the one that likes to wear lots of rings and chains, or maybe you’re the one with lots of tattoos. This is something you must strongly consider, because setting yourself apart from other Boy Bands, and even your team members is the key to getting yourself out there.

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The ultimate factor to being in the perfect Boy Band is your ability to sing – having a unique and good singing voice will really set you apart. What is vital in the competitive Boy Band world is that you must show passion and love for the music you make, this will be the make – or – break of a Boy Band because you may believe in your music, but you must also make your fans believe in your music too.

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