Distinctive gift ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

The lovely country of Ireland, which attracts around 11 million tourists each year, is the birthplace of such a wonderful event as St. Patrick’s Day, the world’s most widely celebrated national holiday. Because St. Patrick’s Day is so popular across the globe, it’s not surprising that more and more people are looking for unique St. Patrick’s Day gifts that go beyond the traditional Irish gifts, which are great but a little basic. If you find yourself in this situation and are seeking for creative and unusual gift ideas, this thread was made just for you!

Irish candles

If you’re not sure what to get someone but know they like home décor and their house always looks and smells great when they host parties, candles are a great option. Irish candles are even better, not only because you’ll be supporting a local business but also because they’ll have unique scents and designs. Handmade candles are a lovely, affordable present, and they may come in a variety of scents, like fresh linen, shamrock fields, woodland rain, Irish cottage garden, and a wide range of other truly original scents that will tickle any Irish soul.

Irish sweater

No gift ideas list for St. Patrick’s Day would be complete without an Irish sweater. Despite being so popular that people now have the perception that they are too basic of a gift, Irish sweaters, which are also widely known as Aran or fishermen sweaters, would make an absolutely gorgeous St. Patrick’s Day gift for someone whom you genuinely love. They are warm, comfortable, soft, have beautiful Celtic stitches, are lightweight, and don’t require too much care when washed and dried, what more could one possibly wish for? If you’re looking for such a garment for your loved one, check out Irish shops and onine stores for gorgeous Irish sweaters and many others St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas.

Irish movies scratch-off posters

In recent years, movie scratch-off posters have become a very popular gift idea, not just among cinephiles, but also among regular people who simply want to learn more about popular, classic films. A poster of this nature, but entirely made of Irish films, would be a remarkable, as well as a very beautiful and authentic present. Let your friend spend a couple of hours watching movies like Barry Lyndon, The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Wild Mountain Thyme, or The Crying Game, and he will undoubtedly be grateful for broadening his cinematic horizons.

Leather agenda

In order to plan everything, from the business calls to the planning of the St. Patrick’s Day party, one needs a good, high-quality agenda that would fit all of his ideas and goals. Whether your friend is a professional writer, or he just simply enjoys keeping written notes of all of his activities, a Celtic-themed notebook is certain to be a success as a present. Choose a black or brown one made of 100% leather, with traditional patterns such as the Celtic horse, the cross, or the Tree of life to make it extra special and authentic.

Bath bombs

Last but not least, it’s critical to take care of oneself, and nothing says self-care like a night in with scented salts, bubbles, and essential bath bombs. After a long and stressful day, a tiny collection of roughly 5 of these bath bombs will make anyone happy and help them relax.  Just like in the case of the candles, purchasing such a present would not only support an Irish business, but you can also find fun and creative shapes like shamrock shaped bath bombs, or those that are in the shape of a pot of gold, a leprechaun’s head, as well as ones that have small gifts or flowers inside.

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