Variations of Indian Saree: What You Should Know

A saree is a special piece of clothing for Indian women. This traditional dress possesses the vigour of revealing sassy as well as graceful touch to the feminine beauty. Without a doubt, Indian Saree is known across the world and it has been growing in popularity even in the western world. If you are from the USA and looking to buy Indian sarees online in USA, based on your style and comfort, find some popular websites online. There will be a cool collection of sarees that anyone would love. The styles, colours, patterns, and fabrics are just amazing and will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Speaking of variations, there are many variations of Indian saree and this article gives you all the information about saree variations:

  • Variations of Saree Based on the Indian States

Here I would love to mention the finest varieties of a saree which are as per the Indian regions. Each state in India has women wearing different styles of sarees and they have different draping styles too. Keeping the draping style apart, let us check on the forte sarees of Indian states. For example, let us take Northern regions – Banarasi Sarees belong to Banaras, and from Uttar Pradesh, we have Jamavar and Tanchoi sarees.

Coming to southern states, the best ones are Kanjeevaram and Konrad sarees, which are from Tamil Nadu. Above and beyond this, Western part of India has Bandhani sari, Gujarati Brocade, Patola and Garchola saree, embroidered tinsel from Yeola, Chanderi and Gadwall sarees.

  • Variations Based on Occasions

There are many joyous occasions in India that people celebrate. You can wear an Indian Saree for all the delighted occasions. The prominent instances of this variation are Bridal sarees, Casual sarees, Traditional sarees, Bollywood inspired sarees are the famous instances of this variation. Besides, for the richest events, designer sarees are an ideal choice.

  • Variations Based on Fabrics

Indians know different fabrics as some section of people in some places create fabrics with their own hands. You can find an assortment of Crepe, Viscose, Net, Chiffon, Brocade, Silk, Cotton, Velvet, Brasso, and many more. So, the list will continue as there are many variations. Find some amazing fabrics here:

  • Variations Based on Prints and Embroideries

Fashion has expanded quite quickly, and this has led to more prints and embroideries. Some of the common prints include floral prints, abstract prints, checks, geometric prints. Each print will give a different look to make your look bold and also classy. To get that Indian touch, sarees are adorned with countless Indian embroideries such as zardosi, stonework, kanta, resham, zari, thread work, and more.

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