Neither Plastic nor Paper Shopping Bag Need to be Used During COVID – 19

COVID – 19 has forced people to stay at home. No outings, no visiting malls or enjoying food in the favorite restaurant was possible. Even grocery purchase during the pandemic was a concern for everyone. As all the shopping malls were closed and food eateries remained shut indefinitely, people faced a lot of problems to meet their basic needs.

Fortunately, grocery shops were open even in the dreadful COVID times to provide customers necessary goods required to lead a pleasant life. No doubt, the grocery store owners and their helpers took a lot of risk to provide the needful items. However, shopping was still a problem as people were doubtful about the right kind of material used for shopping in COVID pandemic times.

There were single use plastic bags, paper bags and reusable bags as well. People have negative ideas that reusable bags aren’t safe to carry the items. The prime fact stated was that the material used for reusable bag can hold microbes for many days. Thus, there are ample chances for buyers to be affected by COVID symptoms. The truth is that any kind of material can have the microbes if not handled properly and if unhygienic methods are used.

COVID times gave ample chances for grocery shop owners, pharmaceutical stores and vegetable vendors to continue their trade as are the only business that operated during this pandemic times. Hence, they used reusable shopping bags bulk as a promo tool to advertise their selling. The most well informed, experienced traders order customized reusable bags from eco friendly bag makers and sellers like Custom Earth Promos. Their reusable products are world famous for its durability, trendy and cost effectiveness.

Single use plastic bags and paper bags are all harmful for the environment, thus using them to pack purchased goods, isn’t a wisely gesture. The usage of recyclable bags has been widely accepted as the most suitable way to hold items to carry any place. Hence, no doubt providing customers with reuse bags helps greatly to enhance the popularity of trading platform.

Now, the reasons why reusable bags played a great marketing medium in COVID times:

  • Bags are favored more to carry any kinds of goods. Hence, any shop opened during COVID times provided shopping bags imprinted with their trade logo and tag lines reflecting their trade goodness.
  • Bags are carried anywhere by anyone. Thus, it is a sure way for any kind of trade name to get recognized by many people wherever the bag is carried. It is a cheaper and hassle-free way to gain acknowledgement of trade advertising.
  • Customers love such kind eco-friendly and well-designed stylish bags. A trader only needs to contact a good reliable bag providing source like Custom Earth Promos through their online sales platform to order such bags.

In this long COVID pandemic times, this kind of reusable bags are a sure way to help its user as well as its provider in many beneficial ways.


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