What type of handbag do you need to complete your wedding guest outfit?

Weddings are a cause for celebration and togetherness. Although the star of the show will always be the bride, as a wedding guest, you’ll also want to put some time and effort into getting that perfect look.














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Once you’ve found the dress, perfected the hair and makeup, and bought the right shoes, the next thing to consider is the handbag. Although it might seem trivial, the perfect handbag must hold enough items to take account for our missing pockets without being so big as to be inconvenient, must match our outfit without blending in, and mustn’t overdo or underdo it; there’s so much to think about!


First, consider how big you want your handbag to be. Although you’ll need less than you would for a shopping trip, a camera, makeup and tissues are must-haves for any wedding!

Clutches are usually popular choices for formal occasions as they’re nice and compact. An organised guest might prefer an elegant tote bag that can be stored at reception to carry a comfortable pair of shoes or other emergency essentials.














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Whilst a tiny clutch might look great, if there’s no place to safely store it away, you might want a strap so you don’t have to hold an uncomfortable bag all night. A good cross-body bag allows you to enjoy some hands-free dancing.


In addition to thinking about the size and convenience of your handbag, check that it works with your outfit. Considerations such as colour and embellishments for your bag can make or break your entire outfit, so make sure you get something that works!

Naturally, some colours are off-limits to wedding guests, but sometimes this rule can be waived when it comes to the handbag if it complements your permitted coloured outfit.

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Once you’ve got a bag big enough to store your essentials but not too big to distract from your look, you’ve got some form of strap so you can move freely at the reception, and you’ve got the colour and embellishments to suit your dress, you’re ready to arrive at your next wedding in style!


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